Friday, September 29, 2006

Big News

It's not as though its any big surprise for the people who see us regularly or at least know us pretty well, but now there's a ring and it's official! Mike and i are getting hitched!!! WOO HOO!!! I'm so excited i can hardly contain myself! I am more than ready to begin this new phase of life. Sometimes i need to remind myself that it's real. My folks were asked for my hand (very old-time romantic-y stuff) to which they were both very happy to say yes. Mom told Mike that under no circumstance was i to quit school to which he replied why would she? but to my mom and dad it was important that i not become a doormat and subservient second class person again. I can confidently say that this will never be an issue for me for 2 reasons. One being that Mike is a superb human being and would never treat me like that, and two being that i would never again let myself be treated that way (hell hath no fury like a woman empowered). Mike is by far my favorite adult on this planet (i have other favorite adults on other planets....but on earth, he's the one...just kidding). I have two favorite kids, but mike takes the cake on best adults alive. He is my very best friend and loves me so fiercely. And i love him fiercely as well. life is better because he's in it, for both me and my ladies. mom says he makes an awful fine papa for those little girls and its true. cara was asked tonight at a gig if mike was her dad and she said "no...he's my mike...everyone needs a mike!" and emily will come in my room early in the morning dragging her baby and blanky and say through her plug "where's mike? i want my mike!!" man. i'm freaking the luckiest lady alive though i ponder the role luck really has in the whole thing. So if you're around sometime next year (date pending for house buying reasons, but we have a window that we're shooting for which will also not be posted anywhere online...but we'll let you know), please come to our wedding which will be more of a grande (not grand) costume party. come in costume...its a costume party!!!! we rock!!!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

test post

This is a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. This is only a test. If this were a true emergency there would be instructions following this test. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

Monday, September 11, 2006


I've been a dental professional student for one week. I have been a dental professional student with a job on the side teaching piano for 1 day. Cara has been a professional kindergarden student for 3 days. Emily has been a professional two year old who is now sister-less (do you hyphenate that? its not really a word anyway i guess) for 3 days. Cara, Emily and I have been professional insomniacs for one week. It's been neat seeing Cara start school and hear of her experiences. So far, no one has sat with her at lunch any of the three days but i dont believe her. she was giving hugs to the other students on the first day before even going inside to meet her class. and, much to my delight, she came home the first day with a spork in her lunch box!! Despite the lack of sleep its been a pretty good week, and i still have the best family ever. And now for the feel good part of the post where i talk about God and stuff (enter the strings). I have it pretty darn good. I lose sight of the goodness that i have in front of me on a daily basis because i get frustrated fast. but i really have it good. i don't have to look very far before i find great kids, a wonderful lilfe partner (that's what mike and i call each other...i<3 him so much), great friends and all of my family is close by, an awesome church family and soon a really fun job. God has really taken care of my little family partially by using my people (all the aformentioned plus the people who occasionally chime in on my blog) to love me through and help me out of the royal funk i've been in for quite some time. You probably don't know how much you help just by freaking being alive. so anyway...thats my sappy post for the day. cheers!