Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Sad Day

My first car was a 1987 Chevy Cavalier. First cars usually are associated with some great memories most often about crazy high school capers and shenanigans=good times. I finally had the car towed away today to its final resting place in some guys garage being stripped for any useful parts. As the tow truck guy was dragging it up onto the truck bed I saw my East High School parking sticker in the window and was reminded of some fun adventures full of teenaged stupidity. However my most favored of memories are of sitting in the backseat drinking Sprite from a glass bottle (no plastic containers then) and eating Fun Dips, Rolos or Big League Chew while playing air guitar (or drums) with my brother. My father would listen to the oldies station (Pittsburgh's 94.5 3Ws) and we would sing and play looking like retards. Sometimes he would throw in the Kenny Rogers tape so we could listen to The Gambler, and even better was listening to the theme song from Great American Hero. Good times. I remember when my dad got that car brand new. I was 8. We used to wash and wax it together in the summer. I remember him keeping lists in the glove compartment of his gas mileage (which I found when cleaning out the car). I got the car from him after he passed away a very short 7 years later. I drove it until repair work exceeded the worth of the car in 2002. 15 years of memories. It's crazy how fast they all came back (even the small inconsequential ones) in that one moment of watching this ugly truck haul away a piece of my history. At least the tow truck guy was sympathetic and allowed me to take my time cleaning out the car before taking it. I sat in the drivers seat for the last time and in the backseat while retrieving 2 snowbrushes and the rearview mirror and found my first drivers license and first license plates and one of my dad's old fishing poles in the trunk. So, here's to a sad day but good memories. Cheers!