Friday, June 15, 2007

Cara and Emily's Page

My grandmother used to take a million and a half pictures to capture memories of her family. I am terrible at this. Since I got a new digital camera for my birthday I figured I'd make good use of it! So if you get bored check out The Muscarella Chronicles for various anecdotes of the girls doings and pictures! Well, there aren't any pictures yet, but there will be shortly. Now we just have to go and do something post-worthy!

Kid Tested, Mother Disapproved

Did you know that Kellogg's cereals are a contributing factor in childhood obesity? It appears that some upset moms of obese children have targeted Kellogg's saying the sugary cereals aren't healthy enough for their kids. I'm sorry but the whole point of the cereals in question is that they are sugary. And if the cereal wasn't meeting health standards it would not have been approved by the FDA. Forgive my insensitivity for a moment here but this is what I hear after reading the article: "Heeeeyyy! I finally just realized that my kid is severely overweight! Never saw that coming! It must be all that sugary cereal Kellogg's has been marketing to my child!" At this point a few questions come to mind. Don't you, as a parent, buy they cereal from the store? Or am I supposed to believe that the youngster went to the store by him/herself and purchased the contraband cereal without your knowledge? What? Did little Timmy use his allowance or did he just steal a 20 from your wallet? If that's the case then you probably have more serious issues at hand here. Okay, so you bought the cereal. But you had to because little Timmy saw the commercial on TV and wouldn't stop begging you for it. And you had so little self control and wanted to give Timmy everything his little heart desired because he's your little angel! Whatever happened to "No"? It's true that childhood obesity is on the rise. While this is certainly regretable why is it Kellogg's fault? Obesity is not something that you wake up with the next morning. These parents have to notice that something is wrong. And I hardly believe that eating Kellogg's cereals and other Kellogg's products are to blame here. Turn off the video games or computer and make your kids go play outside! Somehow we seem to have forgotten that as parents we can control what our kids eat and how much exercise they get. And I'm not talking about exercise in the sense that they should join Bally's but how about an old fashioned ball game with some kids in the neighborhood? Heaven forbid your child should ride a bike to a friends house or just around the neighborhood. If, as a concerned parent, you believe that Kellogg's products aren't healthy enough for your kid, then don't buy them. Where has common sense gone?

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Summer Days

Even though summer doesn't officially begin for another 18 days or so, it has officially begun at our house! The girls have already played in the sprinkler at Oma's house, been to a parade, flown kites and planted some flowers and been to the Dairy-An for some "iyth peeme" (better known as ice cream). Good times!