Sunday, July 19, 2009

Off the Wall (revised)

Stay away, you'll cut your feet on these jagged shards.

Stay close, and you'll dangle on the branches

I'll wait for another word from the bard,

But I'll die before I take my chances.

Off the wall in a million pieces, 

I could just lay here.

I'm stuck in the creases,

Could I just stay here?

Stay away, you write your songs of love.

Stay close, and I'll sing them for the crowds.

I'll try my hand, I might meet you above

But I'll fly and fear I'd never come back down.

Off the wall in a million pieces

I lay after the plunge.

All the king's horses and all the king's men

Couldn't lift me back up

But maybe the king himself....

(c) Mel Muscarella 07/09 (so don't steal my stuff, k?)

Not quite finished yet.  This was an exercise in rhyming, which Cara can seem to do better than I can, and also kind of helped me put to words where I seem to be spiritually speaking.  Even if nothing else comes of it, it was at the least cathartic.