Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lonely Bird

I can’t unsing the song

And I can’t unhear the words

I can’t turn back the clock

But I can’t seem to make it move any faster

You cannot stitch the wound

And you cannot see how I’m bleeding out

You cannot cut me back

Then show up at my door

Well did you think of me on a summer day?

Did I seep into your soul like ink spilled over linen?

You’re looking for the next laugh with a glass full of whiskey

But we could’ve fixed this mess,

We could have fixed this mess.

I can’t undo what’s done

And I can’t unsay what’s said

I can’t turn back the clock

I can’t seem to want to anyway

I’ll be a lonely bird sitting on a roof

You’ll be all about your own thing

And when nail meets the wood

I know you’re not the staying type

But if you’d thought it out,

We could have fixed this mess.

(c) 12/2011 so don't steal my stuff, mmk?

Friday, September 09, 2011

You and I (The Apple and the Tree)

Wring your hands to the bones

Pace the rutted floor

Take away the demon rum

You only want it more

You only want it more

You think I couldn’t understand you

Couldn’t find you on a map

Babe I know you more than you divine

And I know the way to hell

Same addiction different drug

You drink yours down,I light a match

Take away the poison, dear

But the want is in the blood

And love, I’ve got your blood

Ah let the questions fly

You wonder who you are

If you give in, if you give an inch

Will there be you at all?

Ah let the moment pass

You find yourself again

You find yourself in clarity

And you know the way to hell

(C) Mel Muscarella 09/11 so don't steal my stuff, mmk?

Friday, August 19, 2011


You bite your tongue but never taste the blood

You burn your hand and never feel the flame

Scissor-man, you’re running with that blade

Mind you do not fall

Snip snip watch the pieces fall away

Trim trim as they curl up at your feet

Do they know how long they have

Before you cut them too?

You wrap it up with a pretty bow

You captivate with a well placed word

Scissor-man, you’re setting them all up

Mind they do not fall

Snip snip you’ve made a pretty mess

Trim trim gather up the scraps

Forget that they were watching you

Keep on cutting til you forget it all.

Scissor-man never mends when it’s too hard

Scissor-man only cuts it all away.

Scissor-man don’t look behind you

Move along, Scissor-man, there’s nothing more to see

(c) 08/2011 so don't steal my stuff, mmk?

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Take the Train

People do funny things when they’re backed against a wall

People do funny things when love is hanging out on the ropes

Maybe I hurt you, maybe it made me cry

Maybe I’m headed northbound, a little closer to the sky

Baby take the train to the end of the line

Baby take the train ‘til you find the end of the line

I used to do funny things when I looked into your eyes

I used to sing crazy songs when I felt that I could fly

But I don’t belong here, no love, that time has passed

So baby I’m headed northbound where I can touch the sky


Why would we lie to ourselves?

Why should we lie to ourselves,

When I could take the train up north

To feel the cold mountain air freeze up in my chest?

It makes me feel alive.

Copyright 2011 Mel Muscarella so don't steal my stuff, mmk?