Sunday, February 06, 2011

Take the Train

People do funny things when they’re backed against a wall

People do funny things when love is hanging out on the ropes

Maybe I hurt you, maybe it made me cry

Maybe I’m headed northbound, a little closer to the sky

Baby take the train to the end of the line

Baby take the train ‘til you find the end of the line

I used to do funny things when I looked into your eyes

I used to sing crazy songs when I felt that I could fly

But I don’t belong here, no love, that time has passed

So baby I’m headed northbound where I can touch the sky


Why would we lie to ourselves?

Why should we lie to ourselves,

When I could take the train up north

To feel the cold mountain air freeze up in my chest?

It makes me feel alive.

Copyright 2011 Mel Muscarella so don't steal my stuff, mmk?