Friday, September 09, 2011

You and I (The Apple and the Tree)

Wring your hands to the bones

Pace the rutted floor

Take away the demon rum

You only want it more

You only want it more

You think I couldn’t understand you

Couldn’t find you on a map

Babe I know you more than you divine

And I know the way to hell

Same addiction different drug

You drink yours down,I light a match

Take away the poison, dear

But the want is in the blood

And love, I’ve got your blood

Ah let the questions fly

You wonder who you are

If you give in, if you give an inch

Will there be you at all?

Ah let the moment pass

You find yourself again

You find yourself in clarity

And you know the way to hell

(C) Mel Muscarella 09/11 so don't steal my stuff, mmk?