Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lonely Bird

I can’t unsing the song

And I can’t unhear the words

I can’t turn back the clock

But I can’t seem to make it move any faster

You cannot stitch the wound

And you cannot see how I’m bleeding out

You cannot cut me back

Then show up at my door

Well did you think of me on a summer day?

Did I seep into your soul like ink spilled over linen?

You’re looking for the next laugh with a glass full of whiskey

But we could’ve fixed this mess,

We could have fixed this mess.

I can’t undo what’s done

And I can’t unsay what’s said

I can’t turn back the clock

I can’t seem to want to anyway

I’ll be a lonely bird sitting on a roof

You’ll be all about your own thing

And when nail meets the wood

I know you’re not the staying type

But if you’d thought it out,

We could have fixed this mess.

(c) 12/2011 so don't steal my stuff, mmk?