Friday, August 19, 2011


You bite your tongue but never taste the blood

You burn your hand and never feel the flame

Scissor-man, you’re running with that blade

Mind you do not fall

Snip snip watch the pieces fall away

Trim trim as they curl up at your feet

Do they know how long they have

Before you cut them too?

You wrap it up with a pretty bow

You captivate with a well placed word

Scissor-man, you’re setting them all up

Mind they do not fall

Snip snip you’ve made a pretty mess

Trim trim gather up the scraps

Forget that they were watching you

Keep on cutting til you forget it all.

Scissor-man never mends when it’s too hard

Scissor-man only cuts it all away.

Scissor-man don’t look behind you

Move along, Scissor-man, there’s nothing more to see

(c) 08/2011 so don't steal my stuff, mmk?