Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's GOLD, Jerry!

One of my professors brought this to clinic last week to dip her apples in. It's a surprisingly good combination! One of my classmates said she always thought Nutella was French because she ate it at her grandmother's house (who is French). I always thought it was a German product because I had eaten it there when I was 8, and all my folks crazy German friends swear by it. My teacher didn't care where it was from, only that it was delicious. Which it is. But I was curious about its origins so I turned to wiki, which never disappoints. Turns out (despite the German label in the picture) it is Italian. If you've never tried Nutella please use it as an excuse to come to my house. I just bought some an plan on having it as soon as I finish this post.


Scottish said...

I <3 Nutella. I have some in my desk drawer. Too bad I don't have anything on which to spread it :(

Mel said...

you have fingers, don't you?! :)