Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Christmas Fairies

When we got our Christmas tree last week I told the girls that there were Christmas fairies that lived in the branches of the tree that bring snow and do other various jobs to get ready for Christmas. Kiddo thought she should leave a note for the fairies. The following is what she wrote (urtext):

Hi! Dear Christmas Fairies,
I Have 3, mabey 4 questions for you.
#1. Could you tell Nissa I'm better at spelling?
#2. What are your leaders, (kings or queens) Names?
#3. Do you actaully not make noise?
#4. Has anybody in the world seen you or Discovered you?
#5. Can you get sick?
#6. Are any kinds of germs bigger then you?

that's all. I hope you can answer my questions! I love you, whoever you are! (Look on the back for further reading.)

Hey fairies, Do you know Santa, If you know him so much He's your leader, do NOT answer the second question! P.S. When answering my questions, Put numbes next to them so I know what you're talking about!


I answered #2 by saying that technically Santa is the top dog but because there are millions of Christmas fairies worldwide, they organize by region. Our particular fairies come from Western NY League of Christmas Fairies, Local 79. They do have a League head whose name is Eolyn.
I also replied that Nissa (who is the tooth fairy working our circuit) was impressed by Kiddo's efforts in spelling and to keep up the good work so she can get a good job someday.

Good times, good times.

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