Sunday, January 01, 2012

The Facebooks

Hi everybody! It's been quite some time since I've written here, besides posting new lyrics. I've used this blog in a variety of ways over the years-as a journal, as a sounding board, to poke fun at weird things, etc but I've mostly neglected it since joining Facebook and Twitter. I've begun to find, however, that I've been spending an enormous amount of time trolling through profile pages and commenting on posts and pictures but actually doing or saying nothing significant. I have nothing to show for all of that time, which is so short and is moving much faster than I like. So, I'm getting rid of my Facebook account. Twitter may follow in time, but for now I still like cussing and saying ridiculous things to get a laugh or two.

I'm sort of excited to shed the shallow "friendships" and the event invites from strangers and the motivational jpegs that have been the bane of my newsfeed no matter how many times I block them. I'm looking forward to paring back all the clatter and chaos in exchange for developing meaningful relationships with a few friends and family.

Instead of posting pictures in an album and tagging people, I could print out the photos and mail them in a card that I wrote a note in and signed and found a postage stamp for. Whaaaaaat?! Instead of posting on a wall, I can call or email or text someone personally to say hi. A little more effort, but worth more in the end, I think.

I'm also looking forward to adding more to this little blog. Here I can walk out ideas more fully than I could in a simple status update. I've found that on plenty of occasions, I'd get piqued or ticked about something and want to write about it, but opted out of any meaningful conversation in favor of a one sentence headline.

I've given myself a week to set up a Flickr account so I can share my wicked amateur photography, give this site a little facelift and make sure those who want to keep in touch with me know where to find me.

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