Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Jesus and the Giant Baby

lately cara has been running around saying that her body hurts or that emily hits her and such. this practice has become rather annoying so i decided to tell her the story of the boy who cried wolf so she can begin to understand the value of telling the truth. so tonight she asked to hear the story and i told it to her. when the story was over she asked if she could tell a story. she then told the story about a boy named Jesus who went into the towns warning people of the impending doom of the giant baby (which didnt actually terrorize the towns until the third time when "the giant baby really did come into the towns to eat up all the people. but the boy had growened and the giant baby did not eat him." thank goodness...where would we be if the giant baby had indeed consumed our only shot at redemption). when she was done i asked her what the moral of the story was. "well, mom...the rule of the story is that you should not say when the giant baby is coming if he isnt going to come because no one will believe you if the giant baby comes to eat up all the people. you can only say that the giant baby is coming only if he is really going to come. then people will believe you."

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