Thursday, June 01, 2006


refering of course to the morons who use oxy instead of clearasil to dry up pesky facial acne.

I love oxymorons. Here's one of my favorites of late :

"or what would man give in exchange for his soul?" as seen in bumpersticker form on the Ford Company's largest, most expensive, gas guzzling, dangerous, SUV's known to all of mankind.....huh. Maybe i got it all wrong...maybe they got such a large and wasteful vehicle so they could help feed the hungry and clothe the naked.
at least its taken my attention away (briefly) from the I Am Faith bumper stickers (see previous post for further clarification of my feelings toward this sticker). why would you need to make a statement as such on a little white sticker and affix it to the butt of your car? Plus, they are usually attached to rather posh cars.....the one i found most convincing was the one i saw on an old rusted out chevy'd need faith to drive that car....i'd believe that. thirdly, what if I wanted to be faith? nope, that one's my options are... or faithless? i guess i could take hope or love. if i act quickly i can corner the market on I Am Hope stickers to cover my car's butt.

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T. M. Gagnon said...

Seems like somebody was either being paid per word, or they got lazy. Either way, that shouldn't start with "or."