Friday, October 06, 2006

Kids Say the Darndest Things

I'll probably have to pay some kind of royalty for using that phrase...oh well. here are a few choice soundbites from the girls of late.

Bubs: mommy? can i have a cookie? don't say no!

Cara: What are you singing, Mommy?
Me: Its a song called turn me on by norah jones.
C: oh. are you on yet?

Me: are you making any friends at school, kiddo?
C: well, i have some friends but they are only girls. boys make me mixed up in my head.

Intro: Mike's mom gave him the equivlaent of a magic 8 ball just shaped like a pink plastic Jesus instead. Ask Jesus a question and you'll get answers like "have a nice after-life" and "yee of little faith" (and it actually says yee...thats not a typo). Somewhat sacreligious, but funny nonetheless.
C: Mom? can i play with the pink man?
M: sure, but it's not just a man, cara, it's Jesus. you can ask him questions and he will give you answers.
B: I wanna play with Jesus!
C: I had him first!!!

Note: we did explain to cara that the plastic Jesus was a joke and that it wont really give you real answers and that talking to the little pink Jesus was not the same thing as talking to God for real. I hope the girls grow up to be serious about their own faiths, but not so much that they can't laugh at themselves a little bit.

so, little things that made me laugh this week (i write them down so in 50 years i can still remember them and also to remind me of the good times so i don't end up eating my children when they are crazed maniacs).

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ty said...

hilarious. i have to know where the pink jesus came from! haha! where can i gets me one?