Friday, October 06, 2006


two posts in one night? inconceivable! firstly, i'm just too lazy to do any homework that I could be doing tomorrow. secondly, emily just fell out of bed and hit the floor with a little bubs thump. i enjoy these moments. not because i'm mean and like it when my kids get hurt, but because i know she isn't hurt and the sound of a two year old hitting the floor in a little pile is kind of funny. mostly i like it because it is one of the rare (and becoming more rare as she continues to conquer the world) moments when i can scoop her up and hold her closely and she doesn't want to be put down. then i can smell her sweet baby smell and hold her while she wimpers herself back to sleep feeling safe. bubs is well into her "two-dom" but she's still my little babe. she still has tiny little fingers and toes and little fat dimples on her hands. and when i lay next to her to help her fall asleep, she will reach over with her bitty hands and rub my face and say "beautiful mommy." sweet baby. "i love her so much" (if you've never heard holly hunter say that phrase, you need to get to the video store and rent raising arizona. its one of my favorite comedies ever).

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margieh said...

You saved this on paper (not just virtual), too, right? :)