Monday, January 12, 2009


Water flows across the breast in frantic lines,
like a hungry snake whose meal escaped its fate.
I am the hunted vermin who found solace in the crooked vines,
and your crooked smile brings a peace when the hour is late.

The blackened sod beneath me writhes and yearns,
like a half-born child whose lungs have yet to taste the air.
I am the suffocated who found breath in a steady breeze,
and your steady hand brings warmth to a soul stripped bare.

(c) Mel Muscarella 01/09    (so don't steal my stuff, k?)

*No chorus and I haven't yet rhymed either "yearns" or "breeze" though I'm leaning on keeping "breeze".

1 comment:

T. M. Gagnon said...

Maybe "heaves" instead of "yearns?" Gives the idea of labored breathing and half-rhymes with "breeze."

Also, the word verification was "intalane," which I think is a new diabeetus drug.