Monday, January 26, 2009


I just finished reading the book "Twilight", which had been passed along for me to read by my mother-in-law.  Though dubious, you can't not read books passed along from your mother-in-law.  It took me about 8 hours to read and only about a half hour to understand why this book is such a success.

Theory number 1.  
Secretly, every woman is in love with love.  Meaning she wants to be the subject of some dude's rock song, to receive handwritten letters or a bouquet of origami lilies, and generally to be swept off her feet in a movie worthy flourish (sorry, Chuck were right. Stupid John Cusack and his dumb radio).  

I won't lie.  I am no exception to this theory.  I am also attracted to shiny things and impulsively buy boxes of fortune cookies from the endcaps at the grocery store.  Get over it, people.  I'm female. Sheesh.  

Anyway, "Twilight" satisfies theory number one.  The achingly gorgeous male lead, who also happens to be a vampire, is constantly dazzling the female lead, who is the self-described ordinary girl who is hopelessly and endearingly clumsy but is seen as totally hot by all high school boys and can't help but get asked to the prom by every boy.  

Theory number 2.
Everyone gets caught up in the classic story of two people who love each other but can't be together for whatever reason.  In this case, it just happens to be that the achingly gorgeous lead just can't help being what he is and that means they can never be in love because he might accidentally suck all of her blood, thus making her a vampire. Isn't that ultimately a good thing?  Then they can spend eternity together making vampire babies.  If you said 'yes' you'd be wrong. Achingly gorgeous vampire finds blushing to be the one quality that he loves most about self-described ordinary, yet hopelessly and endearingly clumsy human female.  Vampire ladies don't blush.  OMG. How romantic.

Again, "Twilight" delivers.  And again, who doesn't like the Romeo and Juliet-esque tragedy?  

There you have it.  Due to the Harlequin romance novel nature of this book, I apologize that I may be slightly less smart for a few days. Sorry.  Also, see Tyler for those lilies.      

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