Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Driving Etiquette

If emily post were alive today and could drive, i'm sure she would comment on the proper way to operate a vehicle and suggest some wholesome manner of sharing the road with your fellow drivers. It's too bad she's dead, because now it appears as if the gruesome task is left to me and i'm mean. i personally think that everyone except me and a few close friends should not be allowed to drive....ever. i love living in the city but i hate city drivers/driving. which if i feel like remaining in the city i have to put up with it but really, that is crap. people should just know how to drive like a reasonable human with other reasonable humans on the road (such as myself). *Note-if you are faint of heart and do not like reading angry posts containing swears, please stop reading-end note*
On Tailgaiting: if you are a rich white suburbanite SAHM driving a vehicle much to big for you to obviously handle with any sort of aptitude just get the hell off the road. then i would not have to be assaulted by your asinine ways whilst driving to and from work. at least once in every trip to and from webster i am tailgaited to the point of not even being able to see the headlights of the SUV behind me because they are riding my ass. And when i finally get over as slow as i can possibly manage i look over with a deadly glare to see a rich white suburban mom glaring back. then they pass and i see a retarded window decal of their rich white kids sports team. It fills me with rage. i lose all sense of comapssion and Christ like love for these people at that point and wish they would mercilessly be trapped under their SUV watching the massive bag of soccer balls rolling away from the flaming wreckage. if you tailgate people.....stop.
On Parking: i feel the need to make a small addition to the people who fall into the category of ass parkers. I'm amending the post to include the jerks who park their cars in lanes of traffic that are designed to be used for driving on, not so some lazy assed bum can park there to go into some convenient store for a 40. these people are indeed lazy because the convenient store is almost always located on the corner of a side street where there is ample parking. why? why is it so flipping hard to park a few more feet away so that you dont block rush hour traffic on freaking LAKE AVE? not only are these people offensively lazy they are also self absorbed and think that the rest of the world should just have to get out of their way dammit becuase they have to get their 40 and a pack of freakin lucky strikes. if you are going to be that self absorbed do it in the privacy of your own home so you dont piss off the rest of the world, or find some other way to be self absorbed so that you arent an inconvenience to everyone. if you are an ass parker....stop.
i'm so glad i have an online journal so that i can post the inner workings of my head. now i dont have to worry that people think i'm really just a sweet girl. i am most of the time. but dont get me angry...you wont like me when i'm angry. as a completely unrelated sidenote, i have finally learned how to link things. hopefully the links work...if not, oh well.


Chris said...

may I suggest that Rochester could use a city-wide train and tram system for public transport? Melbourne has one, and it's fantastic - I can get anywhere in the city simply by using the public transport, in a reasonable amount of time (reasonable = an hour or less). For example, RTS sucks; it requires an intricate knowledge of the entire RTS system to get from one point in the city to another, especially if that involves more than one bus route. In Melbourne, there are maps of the system EVERYWHERE, and every train will at some point go to Flinders Street Station, in the heart of the city. So if youw ant to get somewhere using train, just take the closest line to Flinders Street, and voila, you take the next available train to your destination.

Oh yes, and the maps are nice and colorful, making them easy to read and cheerful to look at.

TOTALLY hear ya though, we lived next to the 390/590 interchange, and it was HELL to get onto and off of.

Mel said...

RTS is indeed useless. i have, however, found after reading back over my rage-a-thon that i'm much better off. ("I'm addicted to rage-ahol") I find i still get frustrated at the people who park on the road where i could be driving (as well as the line of cars behind me) but it seems to less and less drive me into a state of insanity. there's hope for me yet!! a tram or subway would be fabulous here...i'd use it all the time. but the buses are skeezy in that you might catch a dizeezy. i used to ride them freshman year back and forth from school. i was then blessed with a car and never rode the bus ever again.